The Warm Up:

This whole repertoire is for you, dear students; however, because there are a lot of you, there is a need for some etiquette concerning commenting and posting. Please take note and keenly observe the following:

1. Comments are all welcome, except foul and offensive ones. Please be mindful of your words and embody true Thomasian values as you voice out your opinions.

2. Always post your name/s and section/s so that I know whom to give the "recitationet" credit to.

3. When you are required to comment on a certain writing/art that is posted, please do so immediately. This means I am counting this as class standing.

4. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Period.

5. Visit the posts that are relevant to you. Each post will be headed with the subject that it is related to, so if it is not your subject, avoid it. You may read the content if you're interested, but DO NOT COMMENT there.

And lastly, for this does not need a number: Enjoy the music!

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